Were Mormons Made for American Idol?

I can’t put the music in the title, but I wish I could. I just get so giddy hearing the themesong!!! It’s that time of year again. I hope this show will live on forever…It’s not only totally entertaining, but fun for the whole family.

Do you know what my favorite part is, besides the bad singers….trying to figure out which contestants are Mormons? Tonight, on the season premiere, there was this married nanny who just sounded like every other Molly Mormon mother I know….”Oh, these kids are my best friends.” And, she has never drank, smoked, or watched a Rated R movie, and neither has her husband. She is originally from Mesa, AZ, but now lives in CA and was dressed totally modestly….She is a Mormon for SURE!!!!

Growing up in California, the cool kids were in choir. A lot of those kids were Mormon. Of course, we are known for our Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Mormons can sing. It is part of our culture.

And American Idol has been invaded by that culture. From Carmen Rasmussen to Jon Peter Lewis, we are having a good representation. Now, if we could just win! Maybe 2008 will be our year. If my assumptions are correct, we could have a Mormon married nanny win American Idol and if my assumptions are incorrect (which I hope that they are) we could have a Mormon Mitt Romney as The President of The United States.

No matter what, I will be enjoying American Idol more than the presidential campaigns (even if that makes me a little ignorant)



  1. We watch AI too — I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. I do enjoy many aspects of it — but I think they always drag out these early episodes and sometimes I really do feel sorry for the contestants who obviously have no singing talent — but believe whole-heartedly that they do! The judges humiliate them sometimes and then it just makes me feel bad! And regarding the Disney Scene It showdown — that would be too much fun! My hubby needs to quit talking so much smack — we’ve only played the game once and he complained about it the whole darn time! LOL I might be scared to face the Golds!

  2. I can’t sing. . . I guess thats why I had to convert and not be born into, the church! I do know if I tried out for American Idol. . .I would make it on their auditions show. . . you’ve seen me KARAOKE!!

  3. Alice, I am excited for our upcoming American idol conversations. I am watching it right now and their is this crazy girl on there. Only on national TV will people oerform like that right!? By the way I loved your Mitt blog! Soo funny!

  4. Here’s a bit of “Mormon Idol” trivia:Carmen’s father-in-law is Utah’s Lt. Govenor Gary HerbertAnd, yes, I saw the “probably Mormon” girl and was thinking the same thing!

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