The Gold

“Vote for Abigail and she’ll give you some GOLD!” Abigail came up with her very own slogan so that she could run for Student Council. And, here is a poster made from her very own hands. I must say that LG sure did give our children a nice last name. When I ran for student council all I could come up with for slogans were “Vote for Alice in Lancerland” and “Where there’s A. Wills, there’s a way.” The latter was stolen by my older brother, Adam…you see, his name starts with an A also.

Well, Abigail’s kindergarten teacher surely led Abigail onto the right path with all that Irish talk. You can’t see it, but in her top right corner, Abigail drew a pretty detailed leprechaun.

I guess I have come full circle in my life. I thought that the world was over when I didn’t win my campaign for Student Body President at good old CHS, but when Abigail showed interest in 3rd grade Student Council, I was thrilled. I don’t necesarily want her to win because I know it may go to her head. I also don’t want her to lose because of course I never want her to be sad. I just want her to experience life to the fullest and everyone has to run for Student Council at least once. And, Abigail running as young as she is has been really nice because you should hear all the responsibility talks we have been able to have with her.

The cutest was to hear from LG (who never ran for student council in his life), but amazingly understands the meaning of it, “Abigail, do you know what the kids in your class deserve from you if your elected?” Abigail, “I don’t know.” LG, “Well, you are going to have to be extra responsible and be nice to everyone and listen to them and represent all the people in your class. You will have a big responsibility and you will need to live up to it.”

I imagined the entertaining end of the story with LeGrand saying, “Abigail you never want to dissapoint your constintuents.” Abigail, “What’s a constinuant?”


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