Paper Roses and Angel Wings

What better description could there be for the girls’ art projects than “Paper Roses and Angel Wings”? All of my girls are so lovely and sweet. It is amazing that their projects this week also happen to describe their personalities.

Sophia brought me in a whole dozen of these paper roses the other day. You should have seen her as she delivered the roses just for me. I don’t know what was bigger, her arm span or the grin on her face. So cute!

Also, here is Abigail’s sketch of her upcoming Halloween costume. I would not be surprised if she ends up as some kind of fashion or costume designer; she gets into sketching clothes and costumes and does it without any suggestions from me.

Well, hope you are all getting ready for Halloween!



  1. Your girls are amazing! I don’t doubt it’s because you are an amazing mom. I’ve always been impressed with how well you teach your girls. I sometimes wish I could just come by and take notes so my little ones will be as smart and creative.

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