brayden rymer (the newest nephew) Posted by Hello

Here is Renee’s e-mail response to my last entry entitled Take 2: (I don’t think that she wants to comment on my blog anymore 🙂

Ok Ok your right it is cute and I like the color.. By the way that was not a personal jab just a joke. Besides What do you call the comment back . Hipocrite. Is that how you spell it. Anyway I love ya even if you hair was all gone so get over it already!!

Brayden was born on January 8th, 2005 and he wieghed 9 lbs. 15.9 oz. OUCH!
My brother-in-law, Jordan, was 12 lbs. when he was born. Yeah, I can never live up to my mother-in-law.

Well, just in case Renee has hurt post-partum sensitivity, I want you all to know that I love her tons and she is one of my best friends.

K- bye.


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