The Family Feud

The Wills Family 2001 Posted by Hello

This is my mom and dad and brothers and sisters along with their spouses and kids. We took this picture at a favorite beach in Carlsbad, CA, where I grew up. I had a really bad haircut just days previouslly. We called it my KD Lang cut.

Three of us were pregnant in this picture, and there have been a lot more pregnancies and births since this time.

During this same family reunion, we tried out for the family feud. We made it and returned to CA shortly after to tape the show. We were on the show during Louie’s last season. He was very nice to us. We beat the other family (I am not too sure they were really a family, because I caught a glimpse of one of the contestant’s groping his supposed cousin.)

Well, my brothers lost the money in the final round. Their answers were entertaining. One answered that he would pack a “lei” to take on his trip to Hawaii. It took a few weeks to recover from the loss. As the real family feud began before the taping when we all discussed at length who would get the money if we did win. It was somewhat of a relief when we didn’t win because then we could all go back to wishing we had more money and we didn’t have to worry who in the family deserved or needed the money more than the others. After the show, we still feuded. My very pregnant sister and I were very moody the whole 12 hr drive home and we faught with the guys, telling them that they should have let one of us sisters have a go at the final round.

All and all, we did have a great time! It is trips like this that make memories. I have to say that feuding can make a family stronger, as long as you are willing to laugh with or AT each other. This is something that everyone in my family can do well, even the in-laws. We all love to laugh! And, we always love each other and we usually make up after the feuds.



  1. I still say we would have won if erick was not so dang stubborn and let one of us try in the last round. Oh well cant cry over spilled milk or maybe i can). It sure wae fun. P.S. doesnt the wal mart hair cut look kindof like this one?

  2. No way Renee… you and Alice couldn’t guess right in the regular rounds. 🙂 Actually, we did come up with some stupid answers. Adam’s answer for “Name a candy you eat by the hand full… popcorn.” takes the cake. I had a ton of fun though. Dad saved the day thought with his answer to “Name something you might find under your son’s bed… a girlfriend.”

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