We interrupt this vacation to embarrass my 14-year-old. {vlog}

So, my whole family is in my hometown of Carlsbad, CA
to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.
What a great reason to celebrate!
There aren’t enough examples left of enduring love anymore.
Face it, there is a lot of endurance and tolerance that goes into 50 years.

Our family text group has been lighting up my message board
with silly things like one sibling
crossing the CA agriculture border with some fruit
and the fact that if you spend more than $1 on a pair of flip-flops
they cannot be considered flip-flops at all.
My family is crazy fun.

The other day my daughter Abigail found a text conversation
between my sister Sarah and I.
We were discussing our awesome slip n slide dance routine
to The Eye of the Tiger.
Epic, I tell you.
Abigail wanted to know all about it.
I told Sarah we should re-enact it at my parent’s party
because it was surely one of the most beautiful things
any of their children has ever created.
[Forget the 32 grandchildren.]
ha. ha. ha.
Can’t stop laughing.
Good times.
Sarah said on the phone,
“The worst part is that we weren’t
even young enough to blame it on being kids.
I was in 8th grade and you were in high-school.”
The shame.
No, it’s the beauty of siblings.
There is no one else in the world with whom you can act so silly…
except maybe your spouse or kids.

This video is sure to be Abigail’s eye of the tiger someday.
And you are invited to the show.
The horror.
I may regret this someday.
(like when she doesn’t get accepted into BYU
because the admission’s committee does a google search.
Who am I kidding?
I want her to go to BYU as much as I want a root canal.)
I’m mostly just glad that Abigail has been reading my blog
and has given us a great example of vulnerability and authenticity.

Enjoy yourselves!
Because I sure will be while on the beach today.