For My Sugar Daddy

I am tempted to just write the lyrics:
I’m your lady.
You are my man.
Whenever you reach
for me,
I’ll do all that I can.
But that would just be cheezy.

And we know you only call me lady when you are rebuking me.
But I am your lady.
And you are my man.
And whenever you reach for me,
I have done all that I can.
It was the times that you didn’t reach for me that were painful.
Because I couldn’t do anything to help.
Here are some old photos from that fun date-night at The Velour
when we went to see The Hinckley Brothers.
Doesn’t that seem like years ago?
Oh yeah, because it was.
I am catching up on all my old blog drafts and when I found this one this morning it made me smile.

One hundred percent of my best memories include you Mr. Gold, I hope you know that.

I can’t wait to make many many more….including the more recent one from last night, when my pants didn’t fit and you hugged me while I cried and told me I was beautiful just the way I am. You are the best.

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