Book Review: Deadly Undertakings

Mr. Luke sent me a copy of this book
with no agreement for my review,
and that makes him really super cool,
and one of my favorite authors ever
along with Julie Ford.

My reviews are always honest.
This book is definitely one that you won’t regret buying.

Deadly UndertakingsDeadly Undertakings by Gregg Luke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gregg Luke has delivered once again. This creepy whodunit mystery about a serial killer who drains his 100+ year old healthy victims (yes plural) of their blood and the boyfriend/girlfriend police detective/assistant medical examiner duo who are trying to catch him is a perfectly blended half suspense and half love story. I love a good mystery especially when I can’t figure it out until the very end, but even more I am a big sucker for a good love story. Why does it always surprise me when a man can write romance? Nice job Mr. Luke.

Gregg is a fantastic author who knows how to pace a story just right to keep the reader engaged, masters in-depth characters, and draws us into his awesome imaginary worlds: even though you know they are fiction, Gregg Luke has a knack at making them seem very real.

I always love reading books that are set in Utah, but this one was so creepy it almost made me wish it was set somewhere else. The bad guy(s)were oh so bad and the good guy(s) were not just perfectly good but perfectly flawed as well. This story is a great reminder that even broken people can be brave and they especially need to stay vulnerable. I love when there are subliminal messages towards mental health hidden inside the pages of fiction.

I am torn between a 3 and 4 star rating,
I think this books lies perfectly safe at 3.5.

It definitely isn’t to be read when you are home alone.

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