The Uinta’s

There is no better day than Sunday
to post a bunch of photos
of my family
and God’s great earth.
I love them both.
Thank you God
for my amazing life.
Feel free to join us on our drive
from last weekend.
It’s pictures like the one above
that make me want to
oblige the girls
when they tell us we need to have another baby.
How bout it honey?
Rock on rock.
Or as Caroline says it
big rock, little rock.
I love girls with pockets.
I love pockets with souvenirs.
I love free souvenirs.
I can hear your sigh.
I wish you could have come with us too.
Just imagine what I could do
with a camera that costs more than $100.
My birthday is coming up LG.
(hint hint)
Yeah right.
We all know he ain’t spending more
than $100 on me for my birthday.
A girl can dream though.
We love you Uinta Mountains.
Especially in the Fall.
Thanks again to a God
who is the ultimate artist.
You take our breathe away.
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  1. Lots of awesome photos Miss Alice. I just love the mountains in the fall. I really love the mountains any time… but the fall colors are especially nice.

    Looks like your bunch thoroughly enjoyed the drive and hike.


  2. Seven more months on this beautiful rock in the Pacific, and then I get to start experiencing some of the beautiful places in this post. Thanks!!

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