Whoopie Pies

That’s what they call them
in the South anyway.
Whoopie pies.
What a fun name.

What do whoopie pies, whoopie cushions, and Whoopie Goldberg have in common? They may all be responsible for this.

(he he. My good friend Christine said I am a walking advertisement for Pampered Chef with this photo. If you want to buy anything, go over and give her a holler. She is amazing and so is that mini spatula and the cookie scoops…couldn’t make the cookies without them.)
Can’t help but think of this song
by the masterful Ella Fitzgerald.
In fact I just made a mental note
to sing this at the top of my lungs
during the making of the next batch.

I loved the ukelele version.
I hope LG will learn to play before we die,
I want him to make island music in heaven every day.

I love having so many girls to help in the kitchen.
We cranked out 80 in no time flat,
and the girls at church
enjoyed a special treat at Girl’s Camp
back in July.

Make some whoopie.

They are so easy.

And your husband will love you for it.
You can wrap them individually for school lunches.
Then you don’t have to buy any Little Debbie’s.

Here is a great online recipe with a lot of idea for different varieties.

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  1. Whoopie!! One of my favorite southern friends introduced me to these years ago. I can even make them dairy free I think. Did you just use frosting or the filling in the recipe?

  2. More room OUT than IN!!! ~Whoopi

    I absolutely love it… and agree with her totally.


    ps. got sidetracked with Whoopi… now I need to read the rest of the post.

  3. I've always called them homemade oreo cookies, but Whoopie Pie is a much funner name!

    And I can testify they are delicious. Thanks for bringing them last week for a treat at scouts.

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