My man is the master.

Besides his amazing patience with my blogging,
(somebody at his work was privvy to all the boob drama
and said how sorry he was – sorry LG – so sorry)
one thing I love about my husband is his love for music.

Not only can he quote every lyric written by any Beatle,
he can also tell you just about any artist
when asked to Name That Tune.
He’s amazing.

He plays the piano.
He plays the saxophone.
And he can play the harmonica.

Compared to this guy, LG doesn’t play at all,
but I don’t think he has any plans of going to Carnegie.

My hubby also plays a little google.

Check it out.

Come Come Ye Saints Part 1 
Come Come Ye Saints Part 2

The ditties are totally compelling evidence
to support my claim that
LG is the master of random instruments.

He has a hollowed out gourd on the shelf that he can play.
In his first year of law school,
he tweeked up the Adam Sandler song
on a broken guitar with three strings.
It was called Property Law.
It was pretty entertaining.
Even for us legal dummies.
It’s recorded somewhere but
I think I humiliated the man enough for now.
Man, if you bloggers would have
just been a little nicer to the guy
you could have been the recipients of a great youtube video.
Sucks for you.

I don’t remember the song very well, but there were lines in there
about Mormons dividing up their stuff between all their wives
and who would get Sigfreid and Roy’s tigers.

Put something in front of him
and he turns it into a symphony.

Take me for instance.
back in ’95,
I was Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Because of my man,
I think by now
I have upgraded to
at least
Heart and Soul .

Can’t wait to see
what he will be playing on me
by the time we die.

I hope it’s his acclaimed
The Entertainer.

It’s my fav.

I love you LeGrand.
I know you know that.
I just want everyone else in the blogosphere to know it too.
Especially if they thought I was serious with the breastfeeding post.


  1. Hi Alice!
    Thank you for listing your blog! I have made some changes on my page and unfortunately your link was erased:(
    When you have a chance enter you link again!
    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. I know you love LG and it's too bad he has to suffer ridicule at work over anything that his wife chooses to blog. Anyone that knows you should know that you just wanna have fun. (and maybe spark a little conversation… not a catfight)


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