Harry Potter can dance

I love surnames for boys’ names.
I once told my husband, “Awww, wouldn’t Potter be such a cute name for a boy?”
“Sure, Alice, if our last name wasn’t Gold.”

Potter Gold. Imagine it. If I wasn’t totally cruel, I think my sense of humor would have gone for it.
It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, everyone knows we only do girls around here.
And Mary was never on the Top 10 list.

I know, I know. My husband says I am going Potter crazy.
But just because he said that, I thought it would be a great time for one last Potter post.
It’s a Potter Gold at the moment.

Thanks to Kate, a dancer, in Washington for this amazing share with this great clip.
[Warning: she throws out a f bomb at the bottom of the post]

Even though I shared some other videos from the Tony’s,
I somehow missed this one.

I don’t know about you, but watching this made me emotional.

I think I am emotional for two reasons:

One – Harry Potter lives on. He will be alive in all of Danielle Radcliffe’s work. Probably not cool for Daniel, but so cool for those of us that love Harry.

Two – Not to steal Harry’s go to word magic, but there is something that is magical about combining the art forms of singing and dancing. I think that people who don’t like musicals don’t like the emotion on any level. There is nothing like a good musical number to bring out the best and worst inside of me.

Please LG, take me to Broadway before I die.

How is that for emotion?

Oh, and does anyone else think that the lady in red isn’t very good?
I am sure that I committing some kind of novice mistake by calling some Broadway great awful?
But really I thought she was awful.
Surely they can find better singers than this in NYC.

And a joke to make the post somewhat funny.

An older woman was sitting alone at a matinee of A CHORUS LINE, a The man next to her asked, “Is that seat empty” “Oh yes”, she answered, “my husband and I got these tickets months ago and he passed away.” “Oh”, said the man, “Couldn’t you find a friend or relative to come with you?” “Oh no”, said the woman, “they are all at the funeral”. 



  1. Musicals make me cry. everything makes me cry, but stick a musical and Harry Potter together and I'm a blubbering idiot.

    I've had a hard time letting go of all things Harry!! It's been the magic that's followed me raising my kids…Potter is their life as much as Michael Jackson and walkmans were mine. I'm trying to hold on.

    And yes, LeGrand, take her to broadway quick. Or I will. And you don't want that. We may go a little crazy!!

    I love you Alice.

  2. I got to see a repeat performance of the Broadway show (one number) with Daniel and John Laroquette. It was awesome. I have always loved musicals.

    When I was a senior in High School I was selected to go to Washington DC and I got to see Hello Dolly. I loved it.

    Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliff is multi-talented. (and so grown up now 😦 ) I am sad that the saga is over. But thank goodness for DVD's.


  3. oh, “Potter Gold” is an awesome name! Get a pet and name him Potter. I think I'll be laughing about that most of the day – I must be tired! 🙂

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