The Toddling Tornado

This is what happens when mom blogs too long.

And this empty bucket can only mean one thing.

Nerf bullets everywhere.

Oh, and don’t forget to dump out the blocks.
If you are going to do the job,
do it right.
But isn’t she cute?
Someday I am going to miss having
my toddling tornado.
But not today.
We spent plenty of time together
while cleaning up all the messes.


  1. Watch out US Military Services… Miss Caroline is going to give you some competition with 'search & destroy' missions.

    I her curls.

    Miss Caroline YOU are adorable.


  2. I miss the toddling, but as of yet, I do not miss the tornados. . .
    :)I could pour some milk on the floor to go with the froot loops!! YUM!

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