The Magic We Call Harry Potter

Recently, when pressed on the issue,
I decided that
is my favorite word.

It describes how I feel about the love I share with my husband.
It perfectly defines anything that is too cool to be described.
It is the noun that says how I feel about my kids.
Is it one of those cool words
that is not only a noun,
but a verb too!

I magic’d on over to her house in two seconds flat.
While playing basketball, he magic’d around the other player, all the way to the hoop

Months ago, two of my magical children
decided that JK Rowling
missed a few vital spells
when she wrote her masterpiece Harry Potter.
How she missed these in all seven books of her series I do not know.
But without further delay,
it is time for all the spells to be known.

And because I am so looking forward
to my upcoming Harry Potter extravaganza
I find it a perfect time to share:

Freeze a Thing
Polka Dot A Kus
Dogga Loc Us
Go Away Kus
Go To Sleep Us
Throw Up Ist
Zip Lips (You know with this mom, they need this one every day)
Water Cause
Fire Cause

Doggalocus is my favorite.
Here is one of my kids’ favorite YouTube videos of all time:

Just now, while watching the video
Me to Abigail:
Why do you think Dumbledore is naked?
Abigail: (laughing)
I don’t know, because he is gay.

Yes, we are all about the magic around here.
We know every bit of Harry Potter trivia known to mankind.
And, we even make up our own.


What’s your best attempt at a vital spell?
I was thinking

Oh, and I need your opinion?
Should LG and I dress up like

Arthur and Molly Weasley?

Vernon and Petunia Dursley?

Or maybe
LG could be Vernon
and I could Molly.
Oh the scandal, we would be at the party.



  1. Oh the Harry Potter hype is in full swing… I haven't met anyone that doesn't like Harry Potter… oh wait yes I have. My DIL. I sure enjoy Harry Potter magic… and would love it even more if there was a 'easyshrinkin' spell. (and I don't mean so I could shrink my jeans… just myself.

    Extra fat cast aside spell.


  2. We LOVE this Potter Puppet Pals video as well and in the nine million times I've watched it I never noticed until now that Dumbledore loses his robe — LOL.

    Molly Weasley ROCKS and is a super mom just like you, so you should definitely dress as the Weasleys! 🙂

    I so wish I could go see the movie with you! I am beside myself with excitement to go see it. My Harry Potter geekiness is at full capacity this week. 🙂

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