The other day at church someone called out to their kid who was running down the hall.

Caroline looked all around.

She didn’t see Charlie anywhere.
She starting questioning
“Where’s Charlie?”
I didn’t have the heart to tell her that he lives in Tennessee.
And we live in Utah.
And that there is now another kid named Charlie
who happens to be running down the hall.
But it’s not her Charlie.
Wouldn’t you know it?
You can never have everything.
In Tennessee, Caroline loved Charlie, but hated nursery.
Now, she loves nursery.
And she still loves Charlie.
But he isn’t here.
And that is pretty identical to what her mom is going through.
I love so many things about Utah.
But I still love so many things about Tennessee,
but they aren’t here.
I can look around and feel that hole in my heart
where Charlie is missing,
or I can just keep moving forward
looking for a new Charlie.
Man, I hope he arrives soon.
Because I am kind of floundering.
And that was metaphorical.
Because I am happily married.
Most of the time.

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  1. I think Charlie is a very cute name… I bet it is hard for your family after loving Tennessee so much… hang in there!


  2. Though it worries me what you might post about me if I do win. Because you don't even know me 🙂
    (I think I'm in the lead now?)

  3. Give yourself time–when I move it usually takes me about a year to feel like I belong. And while you may not have your Charlie in Tennessee, you may fall madly in love with the Charlie in Utah, given enough time.
    I remember feeling exactly the same way when I left Kentucky. And though there is still a hole in my heart left, my heart is now also expanding each day wtih the love I have for my little niche in Idaho. (and I really NEVER thought I would love Idaho . . . )

  4. We hated living in Kentucky 1978-1984 but when we did return to Tennessee in 1984, we were very sad to leave Kentucky. Funny how that works!


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