I’ll take my car with some humor, please.

Somebody posted this picture on facebook and I went online to find the source.
Bravo to two car companies with a sense of humor.
I guess these billboards are a few years old.
Yet humor is timeless.
And hilarious.
Who knew I was mature?
Do you want to know what’s really funny?
The noise my husband’s car makes whenever you put it in reverse.
I am so glad I have learned to laugh at trivial nonsense.
And that in my heart I can have peace
and know that temporal things don’t matter.
Not one bit.
The most important thing is that I keep my cool.
And it’s kind of fun to have a good little test with our cars.
How long can it make that noise and still run
before it won’t run at all?
I think with LG’s new workplace being only 2 miles away,
and the fact we are purchasing him a bike this weekend,
we may have this car noise around for a very long time.
I am holding out for a year or so.
And really, it’s funny that we purchased his car in 2000,
and it will most likely be the car 
that all of our children are going to drive
when the turn 16.
Not only funny,
but a testament to Honda.
Speaking of children getting older,
wait for my post tomorrow. 
I am old.
Very very old.
So old I that I may go and finally get my ears pierced.
To rebel against my mom and her mantra
that if God wanted holes in my ears he would have put them there in the first place.
You see, I think I may have to show Abigail that she can do it.
And be the trial run.
Maybe we can get matching studs.
Oh yeah, we already have a matching stud.
He’s a guy with a car that makes a funny noise.
How sexy.


  1. Tehehehehe!

    My Mom used to say the same thing… and as a newly married 'out of the house' adult of 19… I put holes in my ears.

    Go for it Abigail! You will love them.

    AS for the car and the noise… I hope it keeps on working until its time for a new one.


  2. I don't know you but you crack me up. Thanks for putting a smile on my face in the afternoon. Maybe someday we will meet I live just a few miles north in grand SLC…. Glad I found your blog!

  3. Sheila, I noticed your absence. I changed my comments back. After you and a few friends AND LG complained I thought it wasn't worth it. I liked being able to reply individually to people, but it wasn't worth the trouble for my commenters.

    Terbear, Thanks so much for finding reading complimenting AND commenting. Aren't you a gem? I added your blog to my goodle reader and will come over and say hello when I get a free minute.

    Always happy to make people smile or laugh.

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