I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

At the end of last week,
when I was having a really bad day,
a friend showed up
with a beautiful sketch
and a hand written poem.
It told me to
keep having faith.
It was perfect.
And then earlier in this week,
on my birthday,
my husband and I weren’t speaking.
I am not trying to talk bad
about my husband
because I love him dearly.
It is what it is.
And it is as much my fault
as his.
what does a girl do
when she isn’t on good terms
with her bestest friend
on her birthday?
I contacted one of my
newest and coolest friends
and begged her to go to lunch with me.
She ended up paying for my lunch
and bringing me a gift.
And it was all so sweet,
but the conversation was the best part
of my day.
A lot of my other friends
had already planned a lunch for later in the week.
And I couldn’t call any of them because
we all had our kids home.
A lunch out for your birthday
is no fun with your kids.
And I had to eat out for my birthday.
And I really didn’t want to do it alone.
My birthday was on election day
and it was so nice of Knox County
to give the kids the day off
for my birthday.
As my girls grow up,
every day,
they are becoming greater friends to me.
It’s an awesome sight
to see them growing
into women.
Women who I want
to hang out with.
God is good.
He let me birth
some of my best friends.
They all know their mom well.
They let me sleep in
and baked me a birthday cake.
And they know how I feel about
birthday candles,
so they lit my cake up
for me to make a wish.
They said, “Hurry mom,
unless you want a wax cake.”
I did it.
I blew out
all 37 candles.
My birthday wish
was for my husband to
Now that I told you,
I guess it isn’t going to come true.
But it’s o.k.
that we still weren’t speaking
in time for him to take me to dinner
because two friends took care of it.
A friend on facebook recently
asked if Mormons put crack in their food
when they brought people meals.
Someone answered it
wasn’t crack she was tasting
That Mormon dinner was scrumdeliumptious.
And so was the venting binge
with the friend
who had made it.
Understanding hearts and
big hugs are sometimes the best gifts.
Yesterday I had lunch with
the previously mentioned friends
at one of their homes.
They got me a mani/pedi
and Baskin Robbins
gift certificates.
They also gave me a framed picture
with a mom laughing with her children
“Time to Laugh.”
And one made me some
homemade salsa.
Again the conversation
was the best part.
And the
yummy homemade chinese.
I think it had crack in it.
Well, I almost made it through my week.
But I have been extra tired all week long.
I think we have a little bug.
This morning both Caroline and I slept until about 11.
Abigail walked in the door at noon.
She was supposed to be at school.
She said that she wasn’t feeling well.
And that Rita had brought her home.
LeGrand was out of town for the day,
and everyone had tried to call me,
but I never heard my cell phone.
We got rid of our home phone last week.
LG ended up calling Rita
who went and brought my sick baby home.
Where would I be without my friends?
I don’t think I would be getting by.
I love you all!
Thanks for helping me
scrape by.
Especially as of late.


  1. Whoa there Alice…
    it sound like friends came to the rescue but you may be lacking in the sleep department. (couldn't hear the phone) It is so great to be able to count on good friends to pick up the slack when we have met our limit. Just remember… we all have ups and downs and you have been there for others at times when they needed it too.


  2. Love you Alice! Life can be hard. Our good, true friends certainly do make the journey much easier and more enjoyable. I don't know where I would be without mine. I'm glad your friends took such great are of you on your b-day.

    You know what they say — you reap what you sow. You are always there for everyone else — I am so glad when I get the chance to actually return the favor.

    Hope both you and Abigail are feeling better and will have some down time this weekend.

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