Spiritually Minded Women

Some of my friends, doing what we do best: shepherding God’s future warriors.
At church a few weeks ago, our Bishop was addressing a room full of women. He asked if we had noticed a moral decline in the world, specifically when it comes to church attendance. He said that he had noticed that many people nowadays just go to church because it’s the thing to do, but that they don’t go as a way to worship and help them be closer to God throughout the week. Nobody said anything.

I raised my hand and said, “Bishop, I don’t disagree with you, because I think that is precisely the way the world is headed, but I think many of us women are fortunate to have a lot of friends who still do care about their God and not just on Sundays.”
I went on, “I am personally privileged to have a lot of inspiring women as friends.”
I kind of ruined his point, but I wouldn’t change my honesty. I have so many wonderful women in my life. They all inspire me to be a better daughter of God. To be a worshipper of my Savior Jesus Christ. To be a mother who loves with all she’s got. To be a wife who honors her husband. They inspire me to higher grounds.
They inspire me in real life. They inspire me in my cyber life, and they inspire me with His word. Many of them do all three. Nicole is one of those. I was so grateful for her recent flattering words. Her words were strong evidence for my argument to my Bishop. What could be better in this world then us women who rock the cradle, backing each other up? Not much. Unless that backing was with God. Because nothing can penetrate that. Nothing at all.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. It is great to have those women in your lives. My life too! But maybe with that being said to go along with your Bishop, think of how many women don't have what you have. They missed the point. They are missing out on that spiritual uplifting from friends. It makes me think I should make my circle a little bit bigger. It's easy to stick with those that uplift me. Now I need to pay it forward and get those women that your bishop is speaking of and uplift them. I can't have the attitude that I'm happy with what's already surrounding me and if I leave this “happy” place to someone not-so-spiritually minded that it might bring me down. I have to have the mentality that I have a women to back me up and lift me up when I fall and I need to do the same. Then when I look in that room of missing women I will see the missing women as the bishop sees and not just the women that I was seeing.

  2. Amen Sista!

    YOU hit 'the nail on the head' there is a decline for some. I myself don't think church attendance makes you spiritual.
    I have lots of stories of church goers that don't act like they learned anything while there.

    I had to bite my tongue last week when I saw a man that told my husband… 'you're not my brother' Tony was shocked. He said 'well you are my brother' and the guy responded… 'until you go to church you are NO brother of mine'. When I saw him it took everybit of restraint within me to not behave at his level.

    I am always impressed by your example Alice. Thank you.


  3. Thanks for the shout out Alice! That was sweet, but completely unnecessary.
    I have to say that I see your bishops point. I myself am surrounded by women who love their God & look to support each other, but I also see alot of people who are failing to live out the power filled lives that God has to offer. It reminds me of Luke 8:11-15. I think too many people dont allow Gods word to take root in their life or allow life's worries to take them away from the knowledge of God. Its so easy to forget Mon-Sat the powerful God you worshipped on Sunday.
    For me I cant forget because I have seen him accomplish such powerful things in my life. I owe him big time! Although I know that it cost me nothing.
    There are those that have yet to realize that faith is more than church on Sunday…. sad, but true.I told Scott when I first started going to church that I wouldnt do this half way. I think in a way I was warning him that things were about to seriously change. I was about to change.
    I think the point is for every person who follows Christ with all their heart, their is a million who are lukewarm in their faith. They ride the fence & hope that they can have their cake & eat it too. They want God & the world, but you cant have both. Thankfully I too have found women that love God in that way, but I know that the group is smaller than God wants it to be.

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