What girls discuss

LG was amazing to notice that two of my friends and I were all recently wearing red shoes at a wedding reception. It’s so unlike him to notice anything like that. I felt so “hip” as my friends always look perfectly in style and modern, and I don’t usually care too much about fashion.

I was so excited to be lumped in the same coolness status by my attentive husband, even if the moment only lasted as long as it took to snap a photo. How cool is it that even if I can’t be a size two like the two of them, my feet can look just as good. My feet may have even outdone them in this one instance if I had any kind of pedicure this summer, but hey, a girl can’t have everything.

(look, that is cute Caroline’s foot in my lap)

And just to keep an accurate record, here are the things that I have been discussing with the girls, and NOT blogging about:
canning food, (if I found the time to do it, anyone can)
kids’ recreation, (throw them out on a tennis court with a racket and some balls cause it’s free)
the love a girl has for her sisters, (& how hard it is to be far away from them when crisis occurs)
using whole foods, (who knew you could feed a family solely with rice, beans, and potato pearls?)
literature, (I want to go back to school, so I can sound smarter on this subject)
how to make money on youtube, (be lucky)
sewing, (it can be a little tricky)
most husbands can’t grocery shop (but some can and do every month),
werewolves vs. vampires, (I love me a werewolf)
cooking from scratch, (it’s not fun to do all of the time)
art, (it’s awesome and even more awesome if you can create it yourself)
living within our means, (what do you do when your means is nothing?)
the crappiness of feeling crappy while pregnant, (no, I am not announcing anything)
no husband knows his wife’s social security number by heart, (what’s up with that – they can tell you what team won the SuperBowl, The World Series, and the NBA Finals every year since before they were born)
the deliciousness we call chocolate, (ooo..what do you do if you have to choose between the ice- cream kind or the cheesecake kind?)
being educated and poor in today’s economy, (another stifling and confusing concept)
couponing, (as a direct result of that last one)
microwaves in school cafeterias, (why doesn’t every school have one?)
and last but not least,
the black hole we all call facebooking. (why does it have to be so time consuming?)
I think I have almost pulled myself out, so I hope to get back to blogging something more interesting. Until then, I will be thanking God for all my friends who wear red shoes, and even you boring ones who don’t.
As I have been paying closer attention to real life (and not my cyber one) and the blessings I receive, I have noticed that a lot of what I need comes from the hands of my gal pals….Thanks to all of you for being so awesome and supportive.
Have you had any interesting discussion topics with the girls lately?


  1. Gee now I need a pair of red shoes… who knew? Til now. Thanks Alice.

    Wow you have been having awesome topics at girl talk.


    ps. i finished [my sisters keeper] have you? i did 10 pages sat night and finished it on Sunday. Almost a one day read.

  2. Cute feet! I am so glad that I have been on at least half of these discussions. I think you are so right about being in touch with our real life and not the computer screen…real life discussions are so much more fun!

  3. Um…you've left some interesting topics out. On purpose I suppose.

    I have some coupons for you! I've been saving them but don't know what to do with them, so they're yours. I've got yo back.

  4. I love shoe shopping. They never make my butt look big.

    I want microwaves in school cafeterias, too. I could feed my kids so much better if they did.

  5. WOMAN! It is distance that makes you my cyber friend! My hands would be right there for you.

    You know what they say about women who wear red shoes?? YEAH! I always knew we would be friends. LOL

    and MY hubs knows my social, he has known it since the first month we were married. I remember having to call him to ask him what it was so I could fill out a job app, or medical papers!
    LG, bettah step up, man. LOL

  6. What a great post–LOVE IT.

    I need a new pair of red shoes ; )

    My husband is a great grocery shopper–better than me.

    Vampire over werewolf–HOW COULD YOU BE A WEREWOLF LOVER!!!!!

  7. I found your blog! Ahhhhhh Red pumps!

    I once got in my head that I had to have red pumps for an outing we were going on with another couple. I drug Chad to the mall. We went to every store and department store until we found the perfect red pumps.
    We went to dinner with the couple and wouldn't you know, she had on the same red pumps.

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