My brother Adam has been guilting me about it for over a year.

I had been a member about four years ago, but it was back in prehistoric times and wasn’t that exciting when it only included a couple of moms from church. (no offense to you moms)

So, I got a rare e-mail from a high school friend Shelly. She just had her first baby.

I wanted to comment on cute little Carlos. No, I NEEDED to comment. He is adorable and this mom HAD to tell that mom.

The next thing I know, I am SUCKED in. I mean, like I have been at my computer for two days straight. It’s a really good thing that I have a newborn to blame for my inproductivity! (Sorry honey…no dinner again…she’s just been so fussy all day)
Besides getting a sweet message from my first kiss, (If you are reading, you made my hubby cringe with your sweetness) (And LG, you know, I only have eyes for you!) I found another awesome find today.

It’s a blog by two friends from High School. I loved this post by Chelsea about the Current Top 10 kids books. You all know how I love to read. And Where The Wild Things is my favorite of all time.

And on a sidenote. It’s amazing how after almost 20 years, you can still share so much in common with classmates. Does this sentence from their “about” page not just sound like I could have written it:
“They love being a mom but have no problem admitting it’s hard.”


  1. i do have a FB! I tried to keep it to only people I know in real life. But, I have to confess. I have 10 internet friends on my FB! But, I vowe to meet them in person, one day.

    i am friends with exes and great friends from HS, college and TX! I love love FB! I was addicted now I'm normal with it. But, I am looking forward to my reunion 'cause I look HOT compared to most of the girls and the guys have mostly lost their hair and gained bellys. I wouldn't recognize half of my classmates on the street! I love that!! see living the word of wisdom does pay off!

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