More than words

I loved this song when I was a teenager.

I would fall madly in love with any boy who could play it on his guitar.

And, I am tired and must go to bed and it was the best thing I found on YouTube for my Tuesday post.

I hope you enjoy.



  1. Beautiful. How old is this young man? Oh, to have that talent. I was working at Hospice last night and this lady came in and started playing the piano. It was so beautiful and calming. And then the 15 or 16 year old son of our grief counselor came in and asked us what we would like to hear on the piano and I suggested he do something from Phantom of the Opra. He sat right now and played a song by ear. What talent!! So envious.

  2. That song makes everyone a little swoony.My freshman year of college, for a ward talent show, two guys played guitar and sang a parody called “Mormon Nerds”. I wish I could remember how it went, it was basically them calling themselves nerds for never dating and hanging out in the library all the time. Funny stuff.

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