Seatbelt Security

I have posted before about some of our family’s seatbelt dialogue.

Here’s another one that happened the other day.
LG: ” Girls put your seatbelts on.
Do you guys want to know why you need to wear your seatbelts?”
Me: “Because you don’t want to die if we crash, that’s why. Now put them on.”
Abigail: “We know mom. You’ve told us that a million times.”
LG: “Yeah, but there’s another reason. I was reading a Reader’s Digest article the other day and it was talking about people who die in car crashes. 90% die because someone wasn’t wearing their seatbelt. And lots of times the person that was wearing their seatbelt died, and the person who wasn’t wearing their seatbelt lived. The person who wasn’t wearing their seatbelt shot out of their seat like a missile and killed the other person. Wouldn’t you feel bad if you killed mom?”
Abigial: “O.k. o.k. I am putting my seatbelt mom. I don’t want to missile you.”
Me: “I don’t want to missile you or miss you either Abigail. Thank you.”

My mom’s advice for the day is:
Scare your kids into wearing their seatbelts.
And, please, please, teach your kindergartners how to take off and put on their own seatbelts, so that I don’t have to wait longer in the school pick up line while you secure your child properly.



  1. We( hubby and I) get a bit slack on the seatbelts sometimes-we live out in the country and sometimes there is literally no traffic. I know we should wear them all the time though because you never know what can happen. I should try and push this harder because my hubby sometimes forgets to put it on when we go to into town on fridays.I think we need to be more carfeul and ALWAYS wear seatbelts!Oh, I do always make sure the kids wear it though.Always.

  2. awe the seat belt wars! Totally understand this. Would also like to see other’s teach their children how to use them. I can’t count the number of times I have picked up teens for a ride, where they don’t put on their seat belt. My kids know to do it. Because Hubby, I and son were in a car accident after a BYU foot ball game. Son was fine because of car seat. Hubby and I had to be taken to the Hospital for a long night in the ER. The ER Doctors told us we were not hurt worse because we had our seat belts on.

  3. That is so classic. A few weeks ago Todd had a discussion with our boys about how they could die and he pulled up all these car crash pictures online to show them what would happen. It was so morbid – but it seemed to stick with them.

  4. So true.Better to be in a seatbelt than not in one if you happen to have a crash. I am thankful for the little red blinky light that tells me I need to 'click the belt' if my mind tends to wander & forget.ToOdLeS.ShEiLA

  5. Next time you can tell them they need to wear their seatbeats so if you wreck while taking pictures and applying mascara–you won’t feel guilty about them getting hurt. Jarrett has forgotten to buckle them when they are tiny babies, one of our kids(dont’ remember which one) he just put them in the infant carseat, and forgot to buckle them, he may have actually done this to all of them atleast once:[ Thank Heavenly Father they were safe and protected.

  6. “I don’t want to missile you Mom” — LOL — that cracked me up!My kids are so well trained they start screaming at me if I start pulling out of the garage and they aren’t buckled!

  7. To make it more fun they could play the Roller Coaster Game. People gotta wear seat belts on roller coasters, right? So, with seatbelts on, when they go around curves and up hills they throw their hands up in the air. (Screaming is optional.) I love this. Of course, as a driver, I find it can hamper the steering.

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