11 photos for 11 years

August 15th 1997
LG and me
We were wed
For eternity
In Salt Lake City
In 1997
There was no looking back, only forward.
In 1998
I bulged around the middle.In 1999
We added Abigail
In 2000,
You heeded the call very early every morning and tried to stay awake.
In 2001,
Sophia made us 4.
In 2002,
You worked your way to the top.
In 2003, Bella was born.

will always be a little blurry.
In 2005
We ascended every corner.
In 2006,
The picture was brighter than ever.

In 2007,
Your American education was finally complete.

In 2008 The shadows of the past
added to the pureness of the future
make the perfect picture.



  1. What a beautiful post Alice — and happy, happy Anniversary to you and LeGrand! I wish you many, many more years of blessings together!

  2. beautiful photosfor a beautiful family.i love the fact that you have all girls… just the way i grew up.sisters are the best!ToOdLeS,ShEiLAps. happy anniversary too!

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