Summer Fun

Here are some of the girls favorites from this summer.
Not just any Mr. Potato.
Abigail informed me, “This is a Mr. Picasso Potato.”

The Webkinz were placed for their photo shoot.

Did you know that the magnets in Little Pet Shops
allow them to scale lamps?

And perch from lamp switches?

Forts are always fun.

And when you take your walls down,
you can use them to make Rapunzel hair.

She knows she’s the envy of her sisters.

Lunch is a chore, but there’s always mac n cheese.
Like, always, like, every day.

And who doesn’t love tomato soup, grilled cheese and apple juice?
They are a winning combination.

And, when mom is blogging too much, my girls always know where to find the staples, like Fruit By The Foot. We can’t live without them. And they are only $1 a box at Big Lots. If they are out when you go, it’s just because we got there before you.



  1. The Rapunzel hair idea is VERY clever. I might actually use that for Halloween this year.And yes, forts are always popular at our house too. It just the putting everything back that stinks so much.

  2. “And who doesn’t love tomato soup, grilled cheese and apple juice?They are a winning combination.”That is a winning combination at my house as well except for the apple juice – that’s too gassy.

  3. love the rapunzel hair… now i regret not meeting your girls while you were all here. they are so cute. I should have taken the time to go to Momma Sharon’s.I made forts/tents with blankets when I grew up… and my kidds loved them too. It must be universal.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  4. after reading this post, i am convinced that my little boo and your girls would be great pals with much in common!and i love the family pics of your extended family up above. very nice.

  5. LOVE the Rapunzel hair! And I am also glad to see that my living room is not the only one covered in forts! 🙂Those LPS critters are pretty amazing. I find them sticking on my refrigerator quite often!

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