Whole grains

I forced myself to have Grape Nuts for breakfast a while back.

I added plenty of sugar like the non Weight Watcher girl that I am right now.

As I was chowing down, I read a post that looked like this.

“That looks like such a better form of whole grains”, I thought to myself.
“If I just had that darn Bosch!”

I hope that Marilyn won’t mind that I smuggled her post topic and snagged her picture.
(I’m sure she won’t. She’s good like that. And, heck, I just gave her some link love – Oh, I hate it when people take my topic or idea without a link. It’s just blogging decency people.)

The whole reason for this post is to send you over to Marilyn for a great wheat bread recipe. But, of course, I have to add my take on it.

I have stored her blog post for another day. (Like the day that I want to start eating healthy again and I have my brand new Bosch mixer waiting to be used.)

For now, I am just being tortured with the thought of eating the rest of this Whole Grain cereal.
Thanks for a great tease Marilyn.

My little Grape granules just aren’t good enough now.
Golly, you use enough energy just eating this stuff that it should cancel out the calories.

Where did this cereal get it’s name?
Are these really Grape seeds or something?
Or did they just give it a name with the word grape in it to try and deter you from thinking about the tough and crunchy wheat plant?

O.k…who knew that there was a website called nograpesnonuts?
There’s an actual explanation to the name.

I try to be a good Mormon lady, and follow the prophet by keeping a food storage.

I recently stored wheat. (And, I have to thank my mother in law for the wheat loan here.)

Above is a photo of the wheat that we got about six months back.

Yes, it sat in my living room for quite a while.

We told our self righteous friends that we didn’t want to store the wheat away until we had a chance to talk to all of our friends about the importance of being prepared.

Mormons will let a lot of weaknesses slide if it means your are doing your missionary work.

(But, really, you all just know that I was blogging instead of worrying about the wheat)

If the amount of time it takes a woman to get her wheat into her buckets is a measure of what kingdom of heaven she will earn, I am going to be in big trouble.

Can you say 3 months?

That means that I am going to be in the third kingdom down.

Well, it’s good to know, that I will be in the right place.

You do remember that some of my left over wheat buckets gave me away a while back?

Wow, I guess that God did think of everything.

He made a kingdom just for the white trash of the world.



  1. I love our church, but I do have to say getting the amount of wheat that we purchased was insane. for the big family it only costed us around 3,000 just for the wheat, so now what to do it all of it,now what to do with it al-nuttin’ in times when it gets bad enough, just open the lid grab a handful and start a chewing…

  2. I love your blog! I followed Cally’s link who I found via Corrie( we were in the same ward and went to the same high school in Canada) who I found via Facebook which I joined at the request of my friends brother awhile back. You made my day and gave me some great laughs!! I love the self checkout post!

  3. I must be just terrible. I have NEVER stored wheat… mainly because I watched my parents store it like you for months in bags… then in buckets… and after that who knows what. But they never used it. They must have had it 30 something years… why buy it to store it if you’re gonna waste it? Waste not… want not!ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  4. hee hee thanks for the link-this post makes me giggle. It reminds me not to get too serious or over the top with all this stuff. Remember, it takes a looongg time to get organized with the food storage thing and even the healthy eating thing-remember I’M OLD—-

  5. I will not store near as much wheat as we are asked. I will some but the rest will already be ground into flour. We eat more rice and pasta. So, this works for our family. I only eat grape nuts with yogurt!

  6. Oh dear, what if I stink at missionary work too? I don’t have wheat and I eat fruit out of season. What kingdom does that place me in?

  7. I’m going to have to follow that link. I won’t be able to rest until I know where the name Grape Nuts came from, if it’s not grapes and it’s not nuts!

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