My fam

I am still trying to get to the rest of my West Virginia posts. Those pictures just take so long to load…I am just going to use the excuse that they are still loading, but you all know there is really no new post because I am babysitting two extra kids all summer and filling my nights assisting my hubby with his new practice.

Here is a side note for the time being, just so that you will all know that I am still alive.

One of the main reasons I wanted a blog was to have a place to write the stories of my crazy family. I have six crazy brothers and sisters. (o.k., everyone is crazy except maybe Shannon ) I love them all, and love that they all still love me, even when I am the craziest one of all.

Here is a picture of my family back in 2001. I was eight months pregnant but I have this wonderful talent of just looking extra fat when I am pregnant. And, don’t you love my horrible KD Lang cut? Wow, I must of had that horrible mental condition that causes hair style choice trauma. Or it could have been the fault of that student hair dresser that just couldn’t wait to whack my hair off without any concern for my style. I was just thinking the other day that I have no idea why I didn’t wear a wig. This is the latest Wills family photo and it’s been hanging on my wall for 7 years.

O.k. the reason for this post. The family all seems to be joining my blogging family as well. I would say that my influence is unending, but my whole family has known about my blog since I started it in 2005.

So, here are the links to the youngest Wills, Renee, and the oldest Wills, Erick.. Their posts may give you something to read while I patiently wait for school to start again so that I can get back to my blogging business.

And a short family memory that Erick’s latest post just brought back to me. Growing up, our driveway was completely smeared with engine oil. All of those old and leaky cars did quite the number on our concrete. We used to play basketball on that driveway. We played basketball a lot. It was pretty gross. And, also tricky playing when you had to keep the ball from ever touching the ground.

And, when the ball got away from us, whoever was the youngest and/or most adventurous was expected to chase the ball down the long hill until they caught up to the ball and retrieved it. I can remember finally catching up to the ball, almost all the way to the Cabacugans one time. They were the second closest Mormon family from our house…yeah, about 1/2 mile down the road and a 1/4 mile after the turn off to the Youngs.

We really did get our exercise growing up, whether we liked it or not. Man, I must be the sibling with the flattest neighborhood now. I am surely the most out of shape. Maybe I need a basketball hoop. I am probably the only grown Wills child without one. (What’s up with that, my hubby was probably one of the only one’s that actually played basketball in High School – something is wrong with this picture)



  1. I thought your hair was cute in this photo… I looked at the picture first and wondered… did she just get a haircut? Then I read on… 2001 pregnant… nope this isn’t NOW silly.Great memories with the family… families are wonderfully crazy… if they weren’t crazy… what would you write about.ToOdLeS, SHeiLa

  2. Love family memories, love the hair, and love that you had seven children in your family. As my 10 year old says “seven heaven”

  3. I’m right there with you. My computer’s broken and plus, summer and blogging just don’t mix. At least with kids they don’t. That’s a really nice picture by the way, and I don’t think your hair looks bad at all. ps. I didn’t know you dyed your hair. What’s the natural color?

  4. I love seeing a picture of your family. You have such a great family, I’ve always loved them! Way to go getting them all into the blogging world. 🙂

  5. Your friends lie I hated your hais that way I love it long. Them again lokk at me I am attached to mine. Can’t wait to see all the cousins togeather. One month yippie!!!!

  6. We had some good times on Sierra Morena Ave. I remember Toliet papering everyones mail boxes, riding down the hills on skate boards, Oh and in the left over Dryer cylinder. Come on I know you Wills remember that one! That was around the same time you Al broke down our front door with the motorcycle. Or the time David ran away to the end of the street about 10 houses down for an afternoon. LOL

  7. Your family is beautiful! Oh my goodness! All so pretty!I love you guys! P.S. I only looked at the pic… I’ll read post when I have more time 🙂 Always on the go here & esp. now with summer! love you Al! MEL 🙂

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