1. ::spits soda at screen:: rolls off chair laughing! this should have at least come with a warning to put drink down and swallow!

  2. I had a dream we saw LG in Provo… you know, just walking campus… we waved to him like we saw him every single day.Anyway, I love this post! Speaks volumes of how great the coupled sense of humor you two have.

  3. Once I was at GoodWill and saw a very red neck lady, I’m talking with the hair and camel toe, proudly showing her friend the half used bottle of AquaNet she had found in the back of the store for only $.35. I had wished I had my camera!!!

  4. This is one of those circumstances when we say, “And she looked in the mirror and said, ‘DANG! I LOOK GOOOOOD!'” And then we laugh hysterically!

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