h2o woes

My sister Shannon, the family pro of soccer, recently gave me some great advice on surviving soccer season.

She used to drag me out to the BYU field to watch her then fiance, but now husband, Brett, play. (I won’t bore you with the details of Brett and I having the “is soccer or football the better sport” debate for eight hours straight one Thanksgiving)

Anyhow, Shannon’s simple advice truly made my life a lot easier during the past couple of months.

“Keep a case of bottled water in your van.”

Thank you Shannon. Because of not rummaging for water last minute, I was actually able to make it ON TIME to approximately 10 of the total 50 soccer practices this season? Wow.

Anyway, during this same conversation about bottled water, I asked Shannon if she knew anything about these new wave water bottles. (the ones that are supposed to keep you cancer free) I told Shannon that I had briefly read a blog post about somebody purchasing these really plush water bottles and replacing all the plain old plastic ones in the house. (I wish I could remember who posted about this, and I would link)

I had no idea that plastic water bottles were linked to causing cancer. Not that I care. I don’t trust scientists, and it truly seems that everything in this universe is out to kill you. My way of being happy in this life is choosing to ignore all the health reports.

Shannon and I talked about the days when we used to go out to the public ball fields to play Bobby Sox. Shannon recently asked my mom, “Mom, I don’t ever remember taking water bottles to the field back then, how did you get out of that responsibility?” Mom reminded Shannon, “Back then, everyone used the water fountains.”

Needless to say, I was thrilled when we traveled to Norris last week for one of Abigail’s games and found this quaint little community. I got to make a lesson out of this really cool old-school water fountain.

I sounded like a senior citizen, “Girls, when I was a kid, we didn’t have water bottles. Everyone would drink from public water fountains, just like this one.”

Seriously, are you with me on ignoring health reports? What really has the potential to be more harmful? The old school water fountains with all their public germs or water packaged in plastic?

Do you know what I say, “Who cares!” For all I know, by the time I am a true senior citizen they will be saying that it’s the water that causes cancer.



  1. I hear you! I heard some of the reports on the news that water bottles left in vehicles in hot weather can leach/absorb chemicals from the plastic into the water. I also came to the same conclusions. It’s probably the water that will kill us. One thing for sure… we are all dying it’s just a matter of when. toodles, Sheila

  2. I am totally with you on ignoring the health reports. I appreciate that yes, we learn new info as time goes on and maybe there is a better, safer way to do things. But there is also information overload. I always think you just need to be smart.Funny you should mention water fountains though — that is one thing that I have issues with — public water fountains. I remember using them all the time as a kid — but now, for some reason, they bother me. They gross me out a little — and my kids hate it because I always try to talk them out of drinking from them. (Just one of my little quirks…)

  3. I remember H20 fountains. I remember drinking willfully from them. Now, not so much. I concur about everything causing cancer these days. I have resolved to if I get the Big C, I get the Big C. I just can’t live in fear and avoid everything. Germs, germs can be good. They help build immunities.

  4. I’m so with you on this. . . our ward has gone a bit over-board with the whole thing, about processed foods, and “the Makers Diet” I mean, I’m soo not a tree hugger, so I believe Heavenly Father gave us the intelligence to mass produce this stuff so we could feed the whole world, and I’m sure water, already causes cancer, if you don’t filter it 10 times and make sure it does not sit out to long. . .and other really important stuff– lol. Although I have to say, I was shocked when my Pediatrician built a new office with a water fountain in the foyer. .. Doesn’t that seem like a germ haven? I mean why not rent a water cooler with cups–but the cups might cause cancer, and they will fill up the landfill–so go ahead and drink away Brighton and catch the flu. . .it creates more business for the office.

  5. So you caught on to an old soccer mom’s trick. It is way worth the $5 to have that in the back of the car. Thanks for the shout out seeing as I do not blog. HAHAHAShannon

  6. I’m all about “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” I can remember drinking from water fountains and seeing that large yellow loogie hanging onto the drain and thinking, “I bet if I drank long enough I could watch that loogie disappear.”No, the loogie wasn’t even mine and yes, many times I was victorious over the loogie. I think stressing over what will cause cancer kills more thank cancer itself.OH, and yes, soccer is the real sport over football! Takes more finesse and cardio to play soccer.

  7. Definitely not worried about the germy fountains, but I’m not sure about the cancer bottles…It was Notes from the Trenches that posted about buying the new bottles. Norris is a great place isn’t it. We’d like to live there some day.

  8. Must… not… comment… on …football vs. soccer.Aw, why trying to fight my nature. As most Europeans we of course know that ‘soccer’ and ‘football’ is the same thing. After all, what you call “soccer” is played mainly with the feet. I think you should rename that other sport “X-treme Handball” or something. 😉Nah, just kidding, I actually don’t mind <>American<> football but it is of course not match for <>the beautiful game<>… Cheers!

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