Welcome Wendy

I told you that my blogging influence is vast!

Wendy has joined our world. Go over and tell her hello.

I know she is going to love it here. I mean seriously, she cannot possibly NOT love it here.

Every mom needs a break from motherhood once in a while, even if it is to just take a few minutes and write about our kids.

What is more enjoyable to you, nursing your kid’s boo-boos away or blogging? C’mon, be honest!

Tell Wendy thanks for the lovely photo. This is her daughter Taylor’s scraped knee. I captured the photo at soccer a few weeks ago right after the original scab had been ripped from it’s home. I am posting it in honor of Wendy joining our escape from mommy reality. What better than a scraped knee to symbolize motherhood?

Taylor is quite the athlete…I don’t even think she flinched when this happened…just kept right on playing. That’s my kind of girl…I am so glad to have her as Abigail’s friend and so glad to have her mom as my real friend and my newest blogging friend.


  1. Ouch! I am such a ‘klutz’ that this looks familiar, yet minor. Once I went walking in my Mom & Dad’s neighborhood… I twisted my ankle on the edge of the pavement and turned my ankle and I went down. I layed there in the road for awhile feeling sorry for myself… then reality hit. What am I doing? No one will know where to look. Someone could run me over if I keep laying here. I got up and as the blood dripped down my arm from my elbow… I limped back. The injury to my knee was the worst it took months to heal and I can still feel a bone chip that moves around. I was black & blue from my knee to my toes. If you’re gonna fall make it look good that is my motto. toodles, Sheila

  2. Ugly picture. For a minute I thought that was something on LeGrand. I’ve been a good girl wrote on my blog. I think you will like my stories, at least one of them.

  3. Taylor saw the picture and said “YUK”, until she realized it was her own knee. Then its cool! Thanks to all the great post on my blog! Im gonna enjoy this.

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