Soccer Skills

After posting about Sophia’s eight goals, I have been feeling guilty for not showing Bella out on the field. To tell the truth, I had picked out some pictures the other night, but I just got sick of waiting on upload time.

Here are a few of my fav’s of Bella. I guess I will have to get to Abigail later.

While Abigail plays offense and defense, Sophia is our offensive player. But, Bella , well she is most definitely our defensive player. We have been bragging on her abilities to “get that ball out of there” for the past couple of weeks. She never runs as fast as she does when she is trying to beat the opponent to the net.

At the last game, LG and I laughed so hard when we realized Bella’s motivation for getting to the net. I know she likes to stop the goals, but we figured out that she really loves to fish the ball out and hand it to the ref. Really we think that she only runs THAT hard to put herself to good use. She is such a good helper. She is such a hard worker. She loves to be useful. She is so much like her mom it is pathetic. Should we start her in therapy now or later?



  1. I just checked the comments on my last 2 posts… I am laughing so hard at your comments that I think it may cause an asthma attack… You are not the first to have trouble seeing the decimals… if the bogger system is using 150 pixels or 187 that determines if you see the decimal or not. I change the darn thing each week and it’s like a freakin lottery. Sometimes it’s 187 & sometimes it’s 150. Go figure! Thanks for posting just for me… I will have to read them all before I comment, but girl you make-a my day! I knew you could just sit in peace. Yeah I know… will I use the stuff?… I have similar products in the bathroom, I use them but not on a regular basis… MY hubby is a bigger sucker than me when it comes to those darn kiosks in the mall. That is why I have so much. I just don’t take the time to pamper myself. My hubby was understanding but he said if the guy at MJ Christensen’s had talked me into buying my own Mother’s Day gift…he would have told me to hit the road! toodles, Sheila

  2. I think your girls are all so cute! I am partial to girls since I come from a family of seven. You’re the best! equal mothering and attention to ALL! That is my motto as well. toodles, Sheila

  3. ahhhhh, I grew up as a socer goalie. Always got so upset if the other team scored on me…but, my Mom would always say “it had to get past a lot of other people before it got past you, you know.”and, of course, it was nothing a few ice-cold cut up oranges couldn’t fix after the game! LOL

  4. My dear Brighton is what we would call a butterfly watcher, on the soccer field, which is fine with me because I’m not a real competitive person (I can fake it and talk smack and have fun, but I don’t’ really care about winning and loosing), it drives Jarrett crazy on the other hand, He feels like she is not “trying hard enough” but she is having fun and thats good enough for me–I think that’s why we will switch to dance–no real competition involved there, well that can get Jarrett all worked up about atleast–We’ll see next season what kind of soccer player Aspen turns out to be.

  5. I feel guilty about not giving my kids equal blog exposure, but it does take forever to download those dang pictures. C’mon!Your girls are so cute, and you know, it’s not so bad to be like Alice is what I’m thinking. Those traits sound pretty good!

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