My future sister in law, Jill just started a blog too…I told you I was influentual! Jill and Logan have been dating for a whole looooooooong 4 months now.

I wonder if Jill will change her mind about him when she sees this picture. She will probably just love Logan more, since she loves to laugh. I think her and I are going to get along just fine, don’t you? Her blog name is livingonlaughter. I sure hope my imsofunny will give her a reason to live on laughter and not on boredom. I have been boring myself lately.

Really, her and Logan are just “dating”, but you know where that leads when you are young and Mormon….you can only hold out so long!

We all just found out that Jill’s real name is Jillian, and we LOVE that name.

So, go over and warn Jillian about the crazy sister in law she is about to get herself hitched to.

And, don’t forget to only call her Jillian. Hey, if I can become Ali to avoid confucsion with all the other 10 Alice’s in the fam, she can certainly stay Jillian. Right? Don’t you think that is reasonable?



  1. I already skipped on over to Jillian’s blog to give her a [bloggy welcome]. I also let her know that the [blog world] can be more fun than the real world. I was going to tell her how cool you are…but I am pretty sure she knows that. I wonder how many calories you burn ‘blog skipping’? I know you don’t, but I can dream can’t I?toodles, Sheila

  2. Oh, I fogot to add… I had allergy testing done and they didn’t see a definitive reason for my suffering. But they think it is my husbands job…well not his job, but where he works. A coal fired generation power plant. We couldn’t determine if it was the coal dust on his clothes or the gunk that hangs in the air…but either way, after 21 years, he isn’t leaving his job until he retires…When I lived 30 minutes away I still had allergies just different allergens. I can’t win! But if there is something I can do, immunotherapy, I had better look into it. Thanks. toodles, Sheila

  3. Haha Logan knows I love that pic of him. But I’m sure there are other embarrassing pics of him that I have yet to see (hint hint). I really am so excited about this blog thing, thanks for turning me on it đŸ™‚ And as far as calling me Jillian, bring it on! I think I’m ready for that stage in my life. When I little everyone called me Jillie. Then as I grew up, its always been Jill. Entering the sophistication of womanhood definitely calls for a name like Jillian!

  4. Hey, completely off subject, but Pres Sandstrom spoke in our sacrament today (2nd coun. Nashville temple pres) and he was mentioning some folks who had travelled from Knoxville to do Sat morning sessions. Anyway, it made me think of you. So, if you and LG ever want to make it over for a session or two, I’m volunteering my services as a sitter for you. Really, we live less than twenty minutes away and I have two little girls who could keep your girls company! We also have a pool one house away. I would have offered earlier, but I didn’t know you all were in this temple district. Think about it and let me know. We have our calendars somewhat scheduled for the next two months so I can plan ahead of time.

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