I’m a brunette, she’s a brunette, why not?

Thanks to Andrea, a new blogging friend (love those) for this fun quiz. I have to say that I am quite proud of my result. Now, if I can just make LG come up as Brad Pitt, life will be perfect….especially if we could adopt about 4 more international children. (seriously)

I was so worried my result would be Rosie O’Donnell or Roseanne Barr or some other chubby actress.(both would be complimentary because they are FUNNY and that is way more important to me than looking all glam) I guess I should have known that they weren’t skinny enough to be included in the database. Our entertainment industry is all about the skinny minnies. I guess it is so fun to actually believe that I could be one of them for a minute. Now,I am going to go and eat a healthy breakfast.

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  1. I am Kate Beckinsale, which is ok I guess because I really have no idea who she is… Is there any wonder why I always lose Cally’s movie game?

  2. You look just link Angelina! This test is amazing! I better not take it – I’d probably end up being Kathy Bates or Roseanne Barr. 🙂

  3. My female soulmate was Kate Beckinsale… and I also did the male soulmate choice and mine would be Patrick Dempsey and since I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan… Dr. McDreamy suits me just fine! I thought I would take the test over to see if it came out Kate Beckinsale again… nope different questions and then I was soulmates with Byonce??? Then the very last try I was Kate again…it was too much fun, thanks! toodles, Sheila

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