Can he just win already?

I haven’t posted about American Idol in a while. I just got sick of saying the same things over and over again.

Yet, I am still a huge fan and totally agree with the results of this poll will have to read the link to see who Americans talking to msnbc think will take the show. And, if they are right, I won’t be any happier.



  1. First I have to say — YAHOOOO!!! Someone else tagged you! It wasn’t my fault this time! LOLAnd I do love David Archuleta and would not be at all surprised if he won. However, David Cook is my favorite right now — I just love his sound for some reason. And no offense to the poor girl…but will somebody please send Kristy Lee Cook home??

  2. I loved David Archuleta at first…now, I guess I’ve been a little influenced by the media reports re: his father. It makes me sad to think he could be pressured so much by him– I hope that’s not the case. I do love David Cook, though. He’s certainly got an “edge”…

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