Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart…

…the more you eat, the more you don’t *art??? (My mom reads my blog and she doesn’t allow me to use the f word) But, you do lose a bunch of weight.



  1. I made my Smokin’ Chicken Chili today…(see my blog for recipe 2/22/08) my husband was worried because he knows the results of me eating chili… but now that I know the ‘weight-loss’ benefits I may have to ‘play that card’. I love all kinds of beans, black beans, chili beans, refried beans…Ü He just isn’t sure he likes me to have them. -toodles, Sheila ps.did you get my e.mail?

  2. A baked bean diet…very, very interesting…that’s a lot of weight loss!Who would have thought…And what a good girl you are to not use the word that rhymes with “art” and starts with “f” — it is kind of a gross word, isn’t it?

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