General Conference

It was a weekend of instruction at our house. For those of you that aren’t Mormon, General Conference happens twice a year (April and October). The modern-day Prophet, Apostles, all speak to the general membership of the church. Also, talks given by other church leaders are disbursed throughout the four two-hour sessions. (two on Saturday and two on Sunday)
Of course, the Conference doesn’t hail from TN, but it’s broadcasted throughout the world from Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. This is what our computer looks like while we are watching and listening online directly from the comfort of our own home.

Here is LG’s artistic presentation of me multi-tasking

I was scrubbing the bathroom and listening at the same time.

(I always strip down so that I won’t bleach my clothes)

Here’s the kids stash of food to tide them over –
notice the little loaf of homemade bread – YUM!
(Of course the food wasn’t fuel for them to actually listen,
but justification for mom and dad to listen and ignore them)

Abigail looks so glamorous as she stuffs her mouth.

We always go up and watch the satellite broadcast at the church for one session.
We want the kids to understand the importance of listening to our leaders.
Abigail really seemed to enjoy the talk given by Sister Susan Tanner.
I was proud the she recognized that she was being talked
about when Sister Tanner said:
“I never fail to be struck by the way that women,
young women, and even little girls seem to have an instinctive
interest and ability in nurturing.”
Abigail loves helping with babies.
And don’t you think her drawing is pretty accurate?
(I will post the actual picture of Sister Tanner,
as soon as they get it up on the church website)

And, by Sunday afternoon the kids were
pretty desperate for some entertainment.
Here is Bella gathering supplies for the fort building.

My favorite talk was probably the same for every Mormon mother out there.
Elder Ballard’s words about mothers was truly inspirational
(even if it guilted me into not wanting to spend so much time online.)
Me to LG, “I am not surfing the web, I am blogging….it’s totally different!


  1. I said the exact same thing to my husband as well! And I truly do think that just surfing and blogging are two different things. I know that there was a talk given at a BYU-H that encouraged us to share our testimonies through blogging and other alternative medias. Any way nuff excuses, I loved the talk by Elder Ballard as well. It touched my heart on so many levels.

  2. I was so relieved that I don’t have time to surf the web. I’m too busy reading blogs of other great women. It was a great talk.

  3. I loved Conference. I loved E. Ballard’s talk. He said mind numbing activities like surfing the net! I feel quite confident that the blogs I read are not mind numbing but inspiring and invigorating! ::phew, so glad I don’t do THAT!:: LOL, All joking aside. Conference was so good. They are pleas to protect and nurture the family. The family unit is under attack. We as wifes, mothers, sisters and friends need to be like the mothers of the stripling warriors and arm our children and our homes and support our spouses. Rally with me!

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