Is America ready for a gay idol?

After last night’s results, I guess the answer is no.

Hey, but what about Clay Aiken? It sounds here likeClay wants America to know that he is straight. Good for him.
Sorry to DW who doesn’t like to read about AI. (Just a suggestion, you don’ t have to read every post) Despite the AI haters (such as DW) I am very happy that my four faves are still in.

I haven’t been feeling very good and it is really easy to throw up a post about Americal Idol. I will get back to a story, hopfully sooner rather than later.



  1. I was so glad to see Danny Noriega get bumped off. I would turn red with embarssament when he performed. Gag me!Adri & Loralee’s mom

  2. I could not watch him perform but I do think he has a good voice. OK, Clay never denied or admitted. He wants children but never mentioned finding the right mate, only the possiblility of adopting! weird.

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