Tennessee Weather

Here is a picture of the girls in January at Grammy and Papa’s. They were thrilled to have a 1/4″ of snow. I had to let them go out at 10 PM to enjoy it…I knew the snow would be gone by morning.

Here are some photos I snapped around town last week when we got a good snow…as you can see it wasn’t a whole lot.

I snapped these photos while I drove the kids to school. (yes, I did drive and take pics at the same time) LG was taking the bar, or I would have been glad to have him do the snow school commute. I guess they didn’t close the schools down or at least start on a 2 hour delay because the weathermen predicted that this would be all we would get.
I am always a little afraid of TN icy roads. I went off the road into a ditch several years ago. When we get snow/ice conditions in TN everything shuts down. It only happens a few times a year and so they aren’t equipped to handle it…everyone just stays home and waits for it to melt away. And it is true that our icy roads are totally more slick than those out in the dessert.

So, on my way home from dropping the kids off, I started getting really stressed. The kids school is a 20 minute drive away, and I was driving through a pretty good downpour on the way home. I would have to go back and get them later in the day, and I was worried about navigating through it all after it piled up all day.

I was listening to talk radio. (while driving, snapping photos, and talking to Bella) People were calling in to the show and reporting treacherous conditions in different parts of town while the talk jock kept saying repeatedly that he hates snow. One woman called in from the west side of town and reported blue skies…I thought she was kidding and trying to cheer up the talk show host…until I hit the interstate…here is what I saw…

And now you know why all Tennesseans know to constantly check the weather!



  1. You know I have to send prayers up on an hourly basis when you tell me that you are driving on icy roads, talking to Bella, listening to the radio, and taking pictures at the same time. And why did you run into that ditch??? I’ll keep the prayers coming.

  2. I love that you take pictures while you’re driving on icy roads! Just so you can post them on your blog (I’m sure they aren’t for anything else – hee hee). It snows half the year here in Utah (or at least it feels like it) so sad that it’s not even exciting anymore.

  3. During this “snowstorm” I was at speech with Nick and kept hearing the teachers talking amongst themselves in the hallways — “I hope we won’t be stuck here overnight!” “I can’t believe they didn’t close school.” Someone told me the snow was “pretty thick” on the roads and to be careful when I left. And guess what — 15 minutes later when I left, I saw that same blue sky and sunshine that’s in your photo. It just makes me laugh! (Of course, I’m from Northern Illinois, so I’m used to REAL snowstorms! LOL)

  4. All for the sake of blogging. Will we stop at nothing? I used to drive my children over 20 minutes away to and from school. Then we had a high need baby and they had to change schools to one that was closer. Everything shuts down in NC as well. The salt trucks only hit the main roads. I am glad that you drove safely with one hand on the wheel and the other on the clicker.

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