Domonick’s back!

I just read this story from my Wierd news RSS feed. It talks about a cat who bolted away from her owner on a trip to the vet 3 years ago. When the found cat’s microchip was scanned he was taken back home.

LG refused to pay for a microchip for our cat. I understand his cheapness, but I wonder if he was changing his mind during several of my sleepless nights that we couldn’t find Kitty Bear. One night when she was a baby I stayed up all night and cried when she wandered away.

I went all around town putting up lost pet signs the next day just to have my neighbor across the street come rushing over to tell me that she saw the sign down the street and her daughter had taken the cat in for the night. (My neighbor is a HUGE animal lover – I could have kissed her)Kitty Bear had been meowing at the wrong door. Yes, she is smarter than that now. The only time she gets lost now is when she slips into someone’s dresser drawer for a good warm night’s sleep. But, man I was a wreck. LG had the nerve to say, “Man, Alice, what will you act like if anything ever happens to one of our kids.”

But, between this story, my previous post, and thinking about Kitty Bear I have been reminded of our cats growing up. I cannot tell you how many cats we had growing up… least 20. The funny part: we always thought it was the same cat coming back.

We would always exclaim, “Mom, mom, Domonick’s back.”

My brother had named our first black cat with one little white spot under his chin, Domonick (after Dominoes). Of course the cats would disappear from time to time. (Wouldn’t you want to escape from a family with 7 children?)

We were always a little sad whenever our cats would go missing, but to no avail. it would turn out o.k. when another black cat would show up…I guess black cats with little white spots must be quite common because I am sure that Domonick could never survive the surrounding wild infested with coyotes. Or did he?



  1. We used to have a black and white cat too! She never ran away, but we eneded up giving her to an older couple that lived next door because she didn’t like kids very much.

  2. Love your blog! Thought I would tell you a nice eye opener about cats! When I was about 6 years old I was in a tizzy because my little black cat, Licorice, was stuck in a tree. I parked myself under that tree all day…crying and talking to this cat…trying to coax her down. My brother who was very annoyed with my actions finally storms out of the house and says..”Cherie?? Licorice will come down on her own. Now come in the house!!! Now!” I cried and cried..and wailed- “How do you know she will come down??” My bright older brother screams at the top of his lungs..”CUZ!! DO YOU EVER SEE ANY CAT SKELETONS JUST HANGING IN TREES???!!!” I won’t forget this for as long as I live!

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