Was I Right?

I missed the Top 24 American Idol show because I was at the church singing in the choir Wednesday night. Yes, I am only good enough for the church choir…not that it mattered, I was way too old before the first season.

But, I am catching up on my American Idol obsession online today. My obsession is a good thing for one reason…I cannot tell you how many American Idol google searches have come to my blog!!! Google is a good thing!

Here is the nanny, Brooke White, that I made mention to in a previous American Idol post.

What do you think? Mormon or not? If you don’t think she is a Mormon just watch this linked interview and see if it changes your mind.

Happy watching…I will be keeping tabs on this girl.

I have only watched 7 of the contestants interviews, but my other favorite so far is the Harley riding nurse, Amanda Overmyer. I just love her humility, practicality, and self acceptance….it’s almost just like my hubby’s personality. She made mention to Ryan Seacrest always giving her a hard time because she is never excited. Sometimes I tell my hubby to act just a little more excited also, but if I am totally honest, LG’s mildness is just perfect for me. Crazy people like me need people like them to give us a calm among our own manmade storms.

P.S. Just did some searching….I was right. And, David Archuleta, who I also like a lot, is also a Mormon. (Hello, I should have known, he’s from SLC) With two chances in one season, maybe the Mormons will have a better showing than they did in the presidential election. What do you think?


  1. David is my brother-in-law’s seminary student!!!! So my B-I-L says he has to watch American Idol so he knows what is going on!!! It has been painful for him! Adri & Loralee’s mom

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