1. ok, i don’t watch this show BUT she was one I did see and thought she was awesome. i totally agree with simon about the whole carol king/carly simon thing both who i love (thanks to my mom). do you think she’s mormon?

  2. Yes, Brooke is Mormon — so is David Archuletta. We’ve got two in the finals this year!I really think Michael Johns is going to go far in this competition. Not Mormon, but man, can he sing!

  3. I did absolutely love her! She was so cute when the judges told her that she had made it. She just seems real. We need to get back to our American Idaol updates this season don’t we. My internet is way too slow to check out all your youtube stuff, but I am sure they are great.

  4. Love Brooke, David and Michael Johns! I am an American Idol FANATIC…just a wannabe really! I’m glad try-outs are finally over and we can start watching the good stuff!

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