Mayfield vs. Baskin Robbins

So, here in Tennessee, we have a delicacy called Mayfield ice-cream. The girls and I took a tour of Mayfield this summer. Here are the pictures of their HUGE single scoop cones. I hate to admit it, but even though I’ve lived in the south for the past four years, I still haven’t been able to force myself to convert to Mayfield.

A funny thing about Mayfield Dairy is that they package their milk in yellow gallon plastic containers. It really freaks Westerners out. They always think that the milk is orange juice. Mayfield claims that these darker containers keep their milk fresh longer. My girls drink their milk so fast that freshness is not a worry for me! But, I do thank Mayfield for the countless laughs I have gotten from visiting westerners wondering why I have 4 gallons of OJ and no milk in my fridge.

I am through and through a Baskin Robbins girl. I just can’t give up on that great 6 months of my life when I had all the ice-cream I could eat. Of course the flavors were almost endless.

I was recently reading an old stand up comic routine that I wrote. It was pretty weak, but the one good joke out of the bunch was in reference to the many odd jobs I have had in my life. I talked about what I learned working in the produce department and then UPS, and then I referred to Baskin Robbins. My words, “It was unfortunate, I had to quit; I just got sick of all 31 flavors”.



  1. Well, being the southerner that I am I have NEVER converted to Mayfield! I’m a Blue Bunny fan myself. When it comes down to it though I love ice cream so much I’ll take any brand…including wal-mart. Yummy…i’m getting hungry. Gotta go eat!

  2. Hello Baskin Robbins! Can I get a little gold Medal Ribbon or Mint Choc Chip milk shake? Or how about going for lunch and thinking we were eating healthier by getting yogurt (covered in reece’s cups!!!)I miss you so much! Your girls are so beautiful!

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