LG’s Graduation

I have recently been sent two e-mails from friends about thier new blogs. So, how coincidental…here I am….aproximatley a year later, making another entry! he he

Here is a pic, taken at the UT Law School back in May. Yes, LG finally made it. He has the JD and the MBA diplomas in his possession.

Now, we are waiting on the liscence. We should get the bar results on Oct 19th. ThiS could be really good or really bad. I am crossing my fingers for good. I have some faith.

I am not in a funny mood, just wanted to update with a pic.


One comment

  1. Are you kidding me?? I’m flabbergasted and also extremely happy you posted! Please keep it up. We have a blog too (so do most of the Cruzes, have you seen them?). We want to play games again soon. Maybe on the 19th? :^)Lori

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