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When you apply for Law School, you have to submit what they call a “personal statement” Well, a friend of ours on a Law School acceptance committee advised LG to do something different that would make him stand out as an applicant. Much like what you see Elle Woods do on Legally Blonde. Now, LG was not about to jump in a hottub in his bathing suit, much less, talk into a camera, tape it, and send it to actual living breathing people. But, we did come up with something to start his statement out with a bang. It is based on a true story.

While growing up in the lush foothills of Northeast Tennessee, I had a small lawn mowing business. The pinnacle of my mowing career was purchasing the Cadillac of lawn mowers, a John Deere. Even today I reminisce about the power of my John Deere and how at ease I would feel at the wheel of it. Shortly after the birth of our second child and several months before graduating with my Bachelor’s, I told my wife I wanted to get a J.D. Initially she thought I intended to discard my degree in Computer Science and become a professional lawn mower. I quickly assured her that what I meant by J.D. was Juris Doctorate, not John Deere.



  1. this is “josielyn”, from MDD. i’v got a blogger account, but havent really gotten around to writing yet.. as, you can see my name isnt josie at all.. it was cover up.. i didnt want any friends to find out about me.. but i’m over that now. My name is Kayla. I’m soooooo glad you gave me the link, i’ve missed hearing from you!! I too am thinking about putting MDD behind me. I’ve read over your whole blog, your children are beautiful! You sound like your really enjoying life and everything it has givin you, i couldnt be any happier for you!! I hope to hear from you again soon 🙂 i missed you ali!

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