Three Years to Live

If I only had three years to live, this would be my bucket list:

  1. Love hard the people who mean the most to me. Don’t leave the world without the assurance that they know what they mean to me.
  2. Be gentle with my husband and kids. Be a person they will remember as love.
  3. Live in a way that will give me peace in knowing the kingdom I will earn.
  4. Pray, read, gain spiritual knowledge and assurance in scripture, church, temple.
  5. Write the damn book.
  6. Take the damn honeymoon. (Does using the word damn mean I won’t have assurance in the kingdom I will earn? Dangit!!!)
  7. Have a last fantastic family vacation.
  8. See NYC.
  9. Run a marathon.
  10. Hike Timp.
  11. Have a sister weekend.
  12. Say a final goodbye to the Pacific Ocean.
  13. See fireflies again with my kids. See Grammy’s house and go to Dollywood.
  14. Ride through the canyon in Fall on a motorcycle that belongs to LG.
  15. Write my kids a life love letter.
  16. Leave LG better off than I found him. Give him permission to love someone else, no matter how hard that is for me.
  17. Overcome the mattress…make the most of every minute.

Not to self: Nowhere on this list does it say to buy a house. We won’t be able to afford a house if we do everything on this list. hmmm.

I think I should live like I only have three years left. What could it possibly hurt?


One comment

  1. I think it’s a little bit of a fallacy to say that about a house. A house is a long-term investment, one that would never pay off in this hypothetical three years to live, but that may be well worth a longer period of time.

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