Love grows best


After lamenting on my last post about my anxiety over moving into a home so small,
on the corresponding FB post
 a really good friend linked a song that came to her mind.
How I love lyrical therapy!  Leave it to Anna to do it just right.
She may be one of the most musically talented friends that I have
and interestingly I have a lot of musical friends.

Yesterday we finished removing all of our possessions from our old place. After working my tail off for a week straight and scrubbing down every surface of 2,400 sq. feet I was relieved to have it over. However as I drove away from our home of two and a half years for the last time I was filled with profound longing to stay.

This morning I had an hour to kill all by myself and I couldn’t make myself want to be in this dreary basement so I took the dog on a walk. It cheered me up to be in the fall crisp air and to soak in the sunshine.

When I finally got home I listened to the Little House song and cried like a baby. I may hate where I live, but it will be a good home if it makes the love in our family grow best. I am looking forward to finally having a night to just sit home and watch a movie as a family. I bet that someday I won’t want to leave here either. (or not)