The Prayers of a Righteous Mother

prayers of a mom

Sometimes I wonder if praying will really make a difference in my day?

Can God really just change my attitude?

Can He make me love the never-ending amount of work?

Can He help me see my children as they deserve to be seen?

Can He help me not be angry when something gets spilled for the millionth time?

Will He really help me in what seems to be trivial?

Do I really matter to Him?

Will He take time to help me when I am just one of millions of people trying to do a simple job of raising my children in righteousness?

When I take the time to stop what I am doing and get on my knees, I find the answer with no uncertainty.

To each and every one of the questions above, He answers with a resounding, “YES!” When I really take time to listen He also answers with, “Alice, there is nothing more important to me in this world than my children.”

When I watched this video below this morning, I realized that I need to change my perspective. If my children were alone on a train somewhere during a WorldWar and I didn’t know where to find them, I would most certainly pray with more urgency. The things we face in today’s world are just as scary. I need His help. My children need His help. Here is a great read from yesterday that reminded me how much my prayers as a mother will really make a difference for my children.

The prayers of a righteous mother surely include each child by name and that is my goal today.