Right or at Peace?

A long time ago in a land far away (o.k. it was just in Tennessee) I learned an important lesson. I can’t even remember the context, but it was essentially a self discovery.

I like to be right. Always. I like to have the last word. It causes a lot of contention and competition in my life.

Someone asked me if I thought it was more important to be right or to be at peace?

I answered, “right.”

I was wrong.

Last night as Abigail gave me the replay of her track meet (which I regrettably missed due to it being my last week of work) I couldn’t help myself. As she told me about her struggle with the pacing on her mile run, I had to say, “I told you so.”  She refused to go to practice on Monday (using a lingering injury as an excuse) even though I told her she needed to try the events (at least once) in which she would be placed. She said, “O.k. o.k. mom just let me finish telling you about it.”

Once again, I caught myself  or was caught by an honest family member being arrogantly right. Why am I like that? It makes me a crappy mom and it makes my kids not want to share anything with me that would be returned with an “I told you so.” Besides Abigail knew I was right, why do I have to gloat in it and ruin the peace?

And here is an inspiring video for the day which is totally unrelated except that it reminded me how important it is to love my family no matter how different they may be, even if they choose to learn the hard way that they need to train for the mile race and not just show up on the day of the meet. Lucky for me my family loves me even though I always have to be right. Hopefully we are all learning and progressing together.