Rescued after 15 years, 6 months, 26 days

Take two llamas.
They are totally different from each other.
One is a pasty white blonde boy from the Bible belt
who is extremely intelligent, mild-mannered, and a lovely person.
The other looks almost Mexican (even though she isn’t)
 is from Southern California
and is fun-loving, a total control freak, and crazy like a fox.
They are both Mormon llamas
and they have a lot of the same interests
the outdoors, music, family, education, spirituality, and playing volleyball.
These are the two llamas.
Just for the sake of the story.
They met on their Mormon missions.
They love each other very much.
One day they just knew they had to get married,
so they started making plans.
The boy llama being the shy kid that he was
never proposed
and the girl llama orchestrated every detail of their lives
and was then resentful that they boy
never proposed.
15 years, 6 months, and 26 days later
they land themselves in the
office of the marriage counselor.
They tell their story of
love and marriage
and how the boy llama
had another semester of college
to go in another state
and the girl llama
was all stressed out
and they just got hitched in 10 days.
The girl llama says
“I was a mess, I started freaking out.”
The boy llama said
“I married her instead of finishing my semester
because I didn’t want to lose her.”
The marriage counselor llama
“Aw, that is so sweet.
In your own screwed up way
you let him rescue you.
How romantic.”
The girl llama
was like
“Why the heck did I stay up 
all night
Ever After
why I sold out
to the ultimate
love story?”
Isn’t he cute?


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