Book Review: The Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review, 
but as always all opinions are unbiased.

  The Epic Tales of a Misfit HeroThe Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero by Matt Peterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I received this book in the mail, I quickly snuck a peek at the first chapter and I was immediately sucked into the life of the misfit hero (a.k.a Andrew), the newest Mormon deacon with an issue of “deacon’s collar.” From the first few pages and the way author Matt Peterson described Andrew’s frustration with how his tie always peeked out from under his collar while passing the sacrament at church, I knew that this guy would be fun to read. And I was right. Of course.

I hope Matt Peterson plans to take Andrew on many more adventures because I think every aspiring Mormon deacon out there(and behives)should tag along. This story was suspenseful and inspiring. It was also funny and oh so true. I loved the way that all the characters were portrayed and could imagine all kinds of kids that I know personally in each one. My only critique for future books is that the author try to write in a way that wouldn’t leave Non-Mormons confused. Peterson’s cute stories should be able to resonate with every child and sometimes the “Mormon references” might leave a non-Mormon reader confused.

Although I originally thought this book would be great for a 12 year old audience, after reading I think it would better suit an 8-10 year old reader. (I admit my kids are pretty advanced readers though so if your kids aren’t then adjust the best reader’s age accordingly) That being said, I can still see my 13 year old daughter who reads at a college level enjoying this story as much as I did.

For me the best part of this story was absolutely the plain and simple truth that all readers can’t help but grapple with: “the fulness of the gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and simple unto the ends of the earth.” It was absolutely exhilarating to peek inside the main character’s heart as he pondered on this idea that was presented to him by a Scout leader during a campfire. It was also wonderful to see how this short and simple sermon affected Andrew in such a profound way.

As a reader, peeking inside my own heart to think about what God has been able to accomplish through me, one of His weak and simple, was also a highlight of this book. Isn’t that what they say makes great writing, when the reader can relate to the story? And it’s even better when the reader can learn about them-self through the story. Thank you Matt Peterson. Well done.

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