Caroline wants to share a picture of herself.
“Make it bigger mom.”
How old are you Caroline?
“4” (she’s three)
What’s your favorite color?
Who’s your favorite person?
“I just love you and dad.”
(now she is climbing the treadmill singing
what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger)
“Look mom, this ball of playdoh is dry.
We can’t play with it any more.”
(chucks it at the monitor)
Luckily she missed because it’s harder than a rock.
What else do you want to say?
“I want to say ‘no’ mom.”
No about what?
“No, about nothing.”
“Do you wanna see how you do jumping?”
(She has taken off a piece of the printer
and is catapulting the hard piece of playdoh.)
Have I mentioned this girl
never EVER runs out of energy.
What’s your favorite song?
“I don’t know.
I really want to get back in your lap,
I’m getting so tired.”
(I made her get down shortly before the climb
of the treadmill. She can’t keep her hands off the keyboard.)
“Mommy, I want to see more pictures.”
“Do you want to match this with dad?”
 What do you mean?
She points at the text on the monitor.
“Right here, do you want to match this with dad.”
What do you want for your birthday?
“A stone -ger.”
What’s that?
“It means you freeze and play tag.”
(grabs the mouse and clicks on something
that luckily just opens some random window
and doesn’t erase this whole post.)
You are going to ruin the typing.
“I wanna go away from the computer.”
The end.
Oh, the point of the post.
To tell you
Caroline really really really
loves her bigwheel
that I made LG buy her for her
3rd birthday.
It was nostalgic for me
and it has been more than fun
watching her tear through 
our neighborhood, the park,
the soccer field,
and anywhere else we let her
tag it along.
Even though I run 
approximately 15 miles a week
I can’t even keep up with her
when she’s on that little bike.
We are in trouble
with this one.
She didn’t come with a manual.


  1. So sweet! Love that little girl and miss her and the rest of you so much! What is it about the youngest child? They always seem to be the ones that keep us on our toes the most!

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